Build and design processing graphs

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More flexibility

Kurtis is our most complete version: all features in Kurtis Engine and Kurtis Job are included in KurtisIt is intended for R&D teams and TDs.
Kurtis graphs give you great flexibility in meeting the most critical production requirements. You can easily customize code and graphs for each production and improve them for future projects.

Define structure and rules

Freely organize the structure of your projects with our unique Variable Tree.
Define libraries of asset collections and timelines of shot sequences at different block levels.
Define Python variables to spread them through the tree from parent to child blocks.
Play with local variables and Python expressions to modify the rules of graph executions.

Node Builder

Build your own nodes to fit your needs.
Write code by using your usual libraries or from scratch.
Create plug connectors and UI parameters to easily edit and modify them.

General information

To define name, logo, color, doc, and properties.

Plug creation

To connect nodes and build processing graphs.

UI creation

To create plug UI parameters.


To write the script to be executed.

Reference Nodes

Create reference nodes to update them easily through all graphs.
A reference node contains the path of the file node instead of the data itself.

Built-in node examples

150+ nodes under modified BSD license.
Use directly or freely modify them to build your processes.
Several preset graphs to help Kurtis integration such as:
Maya, 3dsMax, Houdini, Nuke, Mari, Katana, Guerilla and third-party software.

Maya and 3dsMax © Autodesk. All rights reserved.  Guerilla © Mercenaries-engineering.
All rights reserved. Houdini © SideFX. All rights reserved. Nuke, Mari and Katana © TheFoundry visionmongers Ltd. All rights reserved.    

Visual Programming

Connect nodes and build processing graphs.
Simplify complex graphs and share them as subgraphs.
Create template graphs by work departments and deploy them as instances ‘en masse’.

Loop & parallel executions

Optimize processing time:
Parallelize branch executions, use loop processes
and dispatch to a renderfarm.

Versioning system

Kurtis includes a revision system to version all modified graphs.

Debug your code easily

Keep dependencies between jobs and graphs.
Debug your code by following execution node by node.
List the caching results of each node.
Show log errors and inspect the faulty node.

Kurtis API

Have API access and take full control of Kurtis.

Build any tools you can imagine:
by using API inside or outside Kurtis (in third-party software).


Something is missing?
Kurtis includes an embedded PyQT license and full Python scripting capabilities.
Write simple scripts or plugins inside Kurtis to enhance and customize it.

PyQT © Riverbank Computing Limited. All rights reserved.