Process automation

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For Windows and Linux versions

Mass actions

Kurtis Engine provides a spreadsheet to select and apply any action ‘en masse’.
Simply automate the execution of graphs by selecting them in a table.

Page Presets

Choose what you want to see and create your page presets.
Have access to variables or properties (metadata).
Modify a value and duplicate it in other cells.

Renderfarm execution

Free up user’s workstation time. Execute graphs locally or dispatch them to a renderfam. Dispatch plugin is already supported by Deadline and RoyalRender. It can easily be customized or updated to other dispatchers.

Deadline © Thinkbox Software Inc. All rights reserved.  Royal Render © Holger Schoenberger. All Rights Reserved.

Perform actions

Execute any Python script on selected items.

Track job executions

Have a dedicated UI to track your execution of graphs.

Asset Manager

Track the generated assets.
Display information about an asset:
Who created it and when, who uses it, its location, history, dependencies,etc.

Alembic Viewer

View and play quickly your alembic files with a simple abc viewer.

DCC integration

Thanks to the open Kurtis API. With dedicated UI designed by your TDs or R&D teams,
execute Kurtis processing graphs from your usual software such as:
Maya, 3dsMax, Nuke, Katana, Mari, Shotgun  and many others.

Maya, 3dsMax and Shotgun © Autodesk. All rights reserved. Nuke, Mari and Katana © TheFoundry visionmongers Ltd. All rights reserved.