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Kurtis is intended for R&D teams and TDs to write scripts, create tools, nodes or processing graphs.
Kurtis Engine is intended for all users to automate graph executions ‘en masse’.
Kurtis Job is intended to execute graphs on a rendefarm or locally.

ProductsKurtisKurtis EngineKurtis Job
GoalTo buildTo automateTo process

GUIKurtisKurtis EngineKurtis Job
Variable Tree
Variable Spreadsheet
Menu Scripts
Graph Editor
Graph Output
Asset Manager
Graph Revision
Alembic Viewer
Script Editor

CreationKurtisKurtis EngineKurtis Job
Create Variable Tree
Create Spreadsheet Pages
Create Nodes
Create Graphs
Create Template Graphs
Create Instance Graphs
Create Assets
Create Thumbnails
Create Menu Scripts
Create Plugins (with UI)

ExecutionKurtisKurtis EngineKurtis Job
Execute Graphs
Dispatch Graph Executions
Perform Actions
Execute Menu Scripts

APIKurtisKurtis EngineKurtis Job
Full API access
API access (no build nodes and graphs)
API access (only for graph executions)