Packs priced to fit your needs

Rent PackS OR Buy Packs

Solo and additionnal license cost :  1 x TD license : 2500 €, 1 x Artist license : 500 €,  1 x Render license : 80 €.

¹ Contact us for site and multi-site licenses.

² The annual maintenance cost is 25% of the price after the first year.

* Have a direct access to R&D team.

Solo and additionnal license cost per month :  1 x TD license : 150 €, 1 x Artist license : 25 €,  1 x Render license : 8 €.

¹ Contact us for site and multi-site licenses.

* Have a direct access to R&D team.

Free evaluation

We provide free evaluation license available during 2 months
Please contact us to request a license according to your needs.

Educational Packs

We provide our software with high discount prices for educational purpose only.
This excludes the right to use Kurtis for any commercial work.

Educational licenses are only available for rent.

¹ Limited to one purchase per customer.


All prices exclude VAT.
Customers in the European Union should supply their VAT number.
Without a VAT number valid, EU customers will be charged FR VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for Kurtis ?

Kurtis is available for Linux CentOS (6.x and 7.x), and Windows 7 64-bits.
A mySQL/MariaDB server and a subversion server are required.

Can I get more than 1 pack ?

Yes, you can !
There is no limitation to get several packs.
Solo and additionnal licenses are useful to fit your needs at best.

What is the difference between the different versions ?

Kurtis is available as 3 versions : TD, Artist, and Render.
Please, visit our product page to see all informations about it.

What plugins are available with Kurtis ?

The Kurtis API can now be called outside of Kurtis from third-party applications.
The TD license allows you to create your own plugins according to your needs.
The Artist license allows you to use created plugins.
We provides plugins included with the Artist license only as examples for :

  • Maya
  • 3dsMax
  • Nuke
  • Mari
  • Katana

For more informations about the plugins, please visit our products page.

How to obtain an evaluation license ?

We are working on a downloadable version.
For the moment, please contact us.
We will provide you Kurtis with a license according to your needs.

How to install the software ?

Please refer to install documentation or contact us for any problems.

We provide client and server installers.
2 options are possible :

  • install the client software on your network for all users.
  • install the client software on each computer.

You don’t need to install Kurtis on your render farm.


What are the restrictions of educational packs ?

Our “Educational Packs” includes versions of Kurtis with similar features as “Studio Packs”, but are reserved for teachers, and educational institutions with high discount.  We don’t yet provide licenses for students.

  • Teachers must be able to provide a prof of current employement at an educational institutions.
  • Educational institutions (public or private) must be able to provide training learning dedicated to education.
  • The use of Kurtis strictly reserved for non-commercial use.
    That means that the user or organisation are forbidden to make any profit in any way.
  • Licenses are not transferable.
  • License automatically expireafter 12 months and must be renewed.
Do you offer consulting services ?

Yes, you can contact us about consulting services.

Sales & Pricing Enquiries

For all other sales and pricing enquiries, or if you have any other questions please contact us