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Kurtis Creative is intended for R&D teams and TDs to write scripts, create tools, nodes or processing graphs.
Kurtis standard is intended for Supervisors and Lead Artists to create processing graphs.
Kurtis Lite is intended for Artists to use processing graphs.

GeneralKurtis CreativeKurtis StandardKurtis Lite
TeamR&D team
Lead Artists
Collaborative featuresYesYesYes
Build rulesYesYesNo
Build nodesYesNoNo
Build graphsYesYesNo
Use and Execute GraphsYesYesYes
Graphic User InterfaceYesYesYes
Menu scriptingYesYesNo
Build plugins and widgets in KurtisYesYesNo
API accessFullFullLimited
Collaborative Team WorkKurtis CreativeKurtis StandardKurtis Lite
Multi-users on same projectYesYesYes
Working according departmentYesYesYes
Sandbox / working copy by userYesYesYes
Publish graphs and assetsYesYesYes
Assets and graphs synchronisationYesYesYes
Keep assets and graphs dependencies YesYesYes
Share caching graphs for limit re-processingYesYesYes
TimelineKurtis CreativeKurtis StandardKurtis Lite
Edit shot by shotYesYesNo
Show collaborative informations (lock, publish, refresh)YesYesYes
Create dailiesYesYesNo
Variable TreeKurtis CreativeKurtis StandardKurtis Lite
Build and edit structureYesYesNo
Build and edit variablesYesYesNo
Load and save presetsYesYesNo
Use variable treeYesYesYes
NodesKurtis CreativeKurtis StandardKurtis Lite
Create nodes YesNoNo
Create GUI nodes YesNoNo
Create your own QT widgetsYesNoNo
Load and save preset nodesYesYesNo
Edit nodes propertiesYesYesYes
GraphsKurtis CreativeKurtis StandardKurtis Lite
Create graphsYesYesNo
Edit graphsYesYesNo
Create subgraphsYesYesNo
Load and save preset graphsYesYesNo
Reference nodesYesYesNo
Execute graphsYesYesYes
Publish graphsYesYesYes
Asset ManagerKurtis CreativeKurtis StandardKurtis Lite
Asset CreationYesYesYes
Assets versionningYesYesYes
Assets tagsYesYesYes
Asset viewYesYesYes
Keep assets and graphs dependenciesYesYesYes
ViewerKurtis CreativeKurtis StandardKurtis Lite
abc viewer (from graph or asset view)YesYesNo

¹ Kurtis Lite will be available Q1-2017.